FENG, Yisu





Diligentia College

Year of Admission

2020-2021 Visiting Student Programme- University of Oxford


Thanks to the customized syllabus, I have the right to choose the things I’m interested in. I can concentrate on the topics I like, and wouldn’t be distracted by the things I'm not good at. For example, I chose the Modernist Novel tutorial in the first term, and during this time, from Mansfield to Woolf to Larsen, the modernist female theme is extracted. Thus, I can communicate with my tutor anytime to refine the discussion direction and leave behind some other works such as Ulysses to focus on the modernist females topic, which saves my time and energy for deeper thinking.

I don't have to worry about grading curves or ‘theater effects’, or whether people are smarter or harder working than I am; Therefore, my attention is left to objective introspection, rather than being trapped in involuntarily comparison and self-denial. Though I won’t be laying back on top of that. Because the tutor’s weekly comments and discussions are very strict and detailed.



Studying is bound to be a major part of life at Oxford. But don't worry about over-competitiveness. You won't "fall behind" because your plans are personal (especially for visiting students) and you won't have to compare with others. So finding your own comfortable pace of learning is ideal (it is suggested that you can establish a Structure of Life for yourself in the first two weeks. Once your life goes into a virtuous circle, you’re saving effort for the latter. Don’t expect to finish everything that’s assigned for the week. Make sure you have a good balance between study and life. There are so many places to explore in the city outside the books. Don't just stay in your rooms.

In the afternoon, I will give myself time to go out for a walk, every day is fresh. There are no travel guides in this small town, but it's rewarding to be able to leave personal memories in every corner you like.