KANG, tongjia






Year of Admission

2023年Spring & 2023 Fall University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Visiting Program


The year I spent on exchange at UNC Chapel Hill was one of the least regrettable, most exciting, and most rewarding years of my life. I reached my goals academically and gained a clearer perspective on my future research. UNC is a very inclusive school with many opportunities. I hope that you can have an open mind when you are on an exchange and believe that everything works out for the best.

Please click the link to read the full article: 2023 Fall-University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Visiting Program (in Chinese and English)


I chose one graduate course in medical school, one specialized course that I could exchange for a major elective, one astronomy course that I exchanged for GEB credit, and one research credit that I exchanged for a specialized course. There are many research opportunities in North Carolina, and the curriculum is simpler than in CUHKSZ, so I tried to participate more in lab research and enrich my exchange life.

Life Guide

Chapel Hill, North Carolina is a very small college town, probably far from what one would imagine a city to be, but there is a lot of natural beauty that is very interesting, you can go skiing in the mountains to the west, or you can go to the ocean to the east, and the outerbanks is a very famous beach. We also often traveled by car to South Carolina and other states, and there were plenty of extracurricular activities. The football and basketball games in North Carolina are very exciting and you should definitely go to them. Lastly, we recommend a very famous sandwich store in North Carolina, Merrits' BLT.